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MPT is exploring a Proof of Concepts to sync distributed data in branches to a central database using Blockchain technology.

Digital Wallets

MPT is in the process of developing a Virtual Wallet for MFL clients. It can be another mode for disbursement of loans to customers, and will provide a much needed value add to customers who require a Master or Visa card to make POS purchases and Ecommerce Transactions.

Mobile Apps for Credit Scoring

MPT has developed a Credit scoring methodology, using internal algorithms. This scoring mechanism, using a mix of internal data, and industry specific data will help to evolve a robust proprietary credit score for a big demographic who are under banked and have no credit score with the regular credit unions.

Aadhar based Authentication and e-KYC services for faster Loan processing

MPT has developed Aadhar based authentication for customer verification and validation. Using a Biometric fingerprint scanner, we are able to retrieve Customer information from the UIDAI database , thus making the loan disbursement process much faster.