ERP/Loan Management product Implementation

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Kastle™ Universal Lending System is a comprehensive solution for banks and financial institutions that provides an environment whereby a Bank or a Financial Institution can, through a centralized database and a fully browser based application software, integrate the different touch-points in the supply chain for loan processing. It is targeted at significantly improving the process efficiencies of banks and finance companies that are engaged in Retail, SME & Corporate Financing.
MPT has implemented the solution along with 3i-infotech in different group companies of MPG like Muthoot capital services who provides auto loans as well as Muthoot Housing finance for their housing loan segment. Apart from implementing the core modules, MPT is involved in customizing the solution for group company needs. Also, MPT has developed various utilities for group companies that utilizes the data from the core system.

Orion Enterprise

ORION Enterprise is a dynamic enterprise resource planning solution that allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes and systems. The ERP platform, with built-in CRM and SCM capabilities, offers organizations sharp insights into and control over operations across the value chain through a single application. With its powerful suite of tools such as workflow management and portal and a set of ready functional modules, ORION Enterprise addresses the needs and challenges of diverse industries.
General Ledger – General Ledger provides flexibility for managing and streamlining accounting processes and is geared to adapt specific organizational structures of enterprises. The versatile chart of accounts and accounting calendar give enterprises the freedom to retain individual successful business practices.
Accounts Payable – Accounts Payable refers to the unpaid bills of a business. These are debts resulting from purchasing goods or receiving services on credit or on account.
Bank Reconciliation – Bank Reconciliation is a process of comparing the bank transactions with the General Ledger (GL) transactions and identifying items that do not match. Adjustments that appear on bank statement such as interest or debt charges are also posted through this module, and a reconciliation report is generated that is compared to GL. Fixed Asset – Fixed Asset module will help us to track the Fixed Asset of an organization along with the depreciation details.
Budget – Budget module will help us to define budget of the organisation and tracking of the same. Expense Request – Expense Request module is been used for allocation of expense and tracking of the same.
Cheque Writing – Integrated cheque writing with Banks Purchase – The Procurement module handles all activities of the typical purchase cycle starting from determining the best commodities and services to actual placement of an order. The key aspects of the module include sourcing, transaction management and supplier performance management.
Inventory - The Inventory module in the application is an integrated online control system, which automates the inventory-related activities in a multi-company, multi-location environment. The module maintains the item and location information and provides stock maintenance support.

Key functionalities

  • • Finance: Advanced tools for financial planning, enterprise asset management, cash management, and cash flow analysis increase financial data accuracy and strengthen organizational budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

  • • Sales: With a 360° view of the entire business, ORION Enterprise provides real-time access to customer, product, and performance information and supports multi-channel and multi-departmental sales processes.

  • • Retail: A touch screen interface and efficient electronic systems for bar coding, point-of-sale management, multi-pricing levels, etc., enable flawless management of all retail functions.

  • • Contracting: ORION™ Enterprise offers advanced monitoring and analytical tools that enable tracking of and control over the entire project—from inquiry to completion.

  • • Auto dealership management: A comprehensive set of tools and modules for complete operational control over auto dealership and workshop activities.

  • • Human resources and payroll: An integrated interface for all HR functions, including attendance, payroll processing, leave tracking, and recruitment, facilitates smooth operations and effective personnel management.