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Building tomorrow’s MFI

Today microfinance institutions are grown in such an extent that there are large number of institutions which are working on it. As the number become more the complexity of handling the process is also higher. Today, complexity has emerged as one of the biggest impediment to respond effectively to market demands. To accelerate growth and profitability, simplifying the process is the need of the hour. So to solve this problem we develop this product which will help you to function in a much faster way.

Salient Features

  • All the process from loan origination till loan closing are system integrated so you can completely avoid manual process.
  • The entire system will work like an ERP for your business.
  • You can monitor your expenses in a single click there by you can take quick decision in cost reduction.
  • By using mobile money collection you can save 90% of your time.
  • You will get all the reports in a single click.
  • You can manage all your financial statements in a much better ways.
  • As you can operate much faster than your competitor this will give you a competitive advantage for your business..
  • You can manage all the process in a much efficient way.
  • By using these you can be part of building tomorrow’s MFI’s.